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Thoughts from the Chiropractor's wife: how we do family life

“When you’re able to restore function to your body, it’s able to heal itself just as it was meant to. With proper rest, food, exercise and adjustments, you can do just that.” July 19

Those last sentences from our recent blog post are making me chuckle today.  Our eighteen year old, recently graduated son who plans to begin his Gap year abroad in September, still gets to hear his Mother say, “I told you so!”  Today, he’s laying in bed and resting on his second scheduled day off from work, instead of being adventurous in our slice of heaven on Earth, Colorado.

A few weeks back, he developed a small lump below his navel from an ingrown hair.  As a lifeguard at a reservoir, this meant two things for him:  no shirt on duty, so constant touching of the lump and potential for bacteria from the water.  After a few weeks of monitoring it’s increase and decrease in size with some tea tree oil applications and simple bathing, we determined further action was necessary.  He was scheduled to head to the Caribbean on a cruise with his friend and friend’s parents for a week, so there was some urgency building.  The earliest dermatologist appointment we found would be for the day of the flight, so we took it.  The lump had again grown in size, so some numbing and draining were the course of action.  His biggest complaint was that he forgot to record it via video for immediate future social media posting.  Because he is 18, I was not invited (unexpectedly, to me) to accompany them into the room.  Otherwise, I would have recorded the event!  The lovely PA that performed the treatment then invited me back into the room to discuss further care:  oral antibiotics plus topical antibiotic cream.  He’s only had one other course of antibiotic treatment and it was with my oversight.  Now, he would be the only one responsible for this course of care.

Antibiotics: A clean sweep of bacteria is good, right?

Antibiotics: A clean sweep of bacteria is good, right?

The one topic that we discussed (read: argued) repeatedly at the Pharmacy with each other, the Pharmacist, some of his buddies via social media, and Google involved probiotics during this process.  We decided to send him with chocolate bar probiotics to increase the likelihood of his follow-through in taking them on the cruise.  (Spoiler alert:  epic fail)

He completed his oral antibiotic and antibiotic cream according to instructions for expected healing.  Success, right?  Well, actually, no.  The punctured lump healed nicely, but within a week of his return (which included two airplane flights and three airports and a host of self-inflicted junk and fast food), he lost his voice “from screaming at patrons” on a busy day at work.  Turns out, it was the beginning of what many like to call a “summer cold.”  Phhhht!  Guess whose gut micro biome (including the good bacteria, etc.) was swept clean by a treatment of antibiotics?  Guess who didn’t finish their probiotic bars to replenish said good bacteria, etc?  Guess whose body is working hard to restore immune function?  And that, my fellow parents, is a lousy “I told you so!”

So, with a return to my oversight, he’s again consuming the probiotics, Juice Plus, resting, and getting daily adjustments from his Dad.  Hopefully, this episode will be a constant reminder to him when the stakes are higher as he travels across the world and lives sans parents for a few months.

Next up:  My review of a recently published study by medical researchers on the 20% increase in activity to the Prefrontal Cortex following Chiropractic adjustments; speculation on improvement to teenage decision making.

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