• Thank you for the outstanding service!

    - Brian R.
  • I especially liked that someone answered the phone. Customer service speaks in abundance of the care you will receive.

    - Crystal B.
  • Very personable care and educational environment.

    - Steve F.
  • Very professional all the way around. More than met my expectations. I highly recommend this business.

    - Richard M.
  • Having your office take care of the insurance side of things was so very helpful. My treatments were able to start way ahead of my anticipated schedule and that was wonderful.

    - Peg W.
  • Dr. Jim came in on a Sunday to help me with an emergency adjustment! I am so grateful since it got out of whack on our first day of vacation. Pleasant, kind, knowledgeable, and professional!

    - Rhonda B.
  • I have been going to chiropractors for years and after my appointment I felt better and I had no pain after. After my evaluation I even found out that my arm could be adjusted to alleviate pain in my wrist and forearm that I just thought was going to be my new normal. Really a great experience!

    - Amanda R.
  • Really appreciate the individualized attention to my chiropractic needs.

    - Suellen J
  • I had my first alignment today, ever, and it was wonderful. I had been suffering from a “neck kink” for over a week. I feel so much better after just one adjustment. Everyone was so friendly and informative. Dr. Jim is an amazing person and you can tell he truly cares about people.

    - Darryl K-M
  • Dr. Richards is very knowledgeable about different techniques. He is very thorough and great at communicating what he is doing and why. It is also easy to get in for an appointment.

    - Sydney L.

Welcome to Triumphant Life Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Broomfield, CO

When many people think of a chiropractor, they think of a place to go when they throw their backs out or if they develop a kink in their necks after a car accident. While these are both excellent examples of times when a chiropractor can help you achieve the healing you need, it is only the beginning of what a chiropractor can do for you and your family. At Triumphant Life Chiropractic, we aim to serve you and your family through every stage of your life.

The First Steps of Chiropractic Care

More and more people are going to see their chiropractor before they are even born. At Triumphant Life Chiropractic, we take good care of our pregnant patients. Since pregnancy is a time when taking many medications is questionable, chiropractic offers a safe alternative for pregnant women to manage the various aches and pains they experience as their bodies change. In many cases, after a baby is born, he experiences his own discomforts. Through gentle pediatric chiropractic care, massage, and advice from our functional nutritionist, babies and toddlers can be helped with issues like colic and ear infections through chiropractic care.

Bringing Chiropractic to Your Child or Teen

As children and teens become more active, they start to develop misalignments and even aches and pains. While simply growing is enough to trigger some of this, if children are involved in sports, there may be even more reasons to consider a consultation with our chiropractor or nutritionist. At Triumphant Life Chiropractic, we work to help kids work with their growing bodies to stay healthy and strong.

Chiropractic and Aging

As we get older, our bodies experience more wear and tear. It isn't always necessary to experience an accident in order to feel discomfort. With our assessments, we can diagnose and treat various ailments including headaches, chronic pain, and arthritis. Using our gentle approach, we help older adults and seniors with various misalignments and other conditions through chiropractic care, massage therapy, and nutritional support.

Chiropractic care from Triumphant Life Chiropractic is an excellent choice for your family's health care. With our holistic methods, you play an active role in your health as you are treated without having to worry about the side effects of various medications. We aim to complement the work of your primary care provider to help you be the best you. Triumphant Life Chiropractic is located in Broomfield, Colorado, and is your chiropractor serving Broomfield, Lafayette, Westminster, Louisville, Superior, Eerie, Arvada, and the surrounding areas. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment contact us at (303) 464-9282.


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